Live Dealer vs Online Roulette

When it comes to online casino gaming there are two options you can choose from, but the mechanics follow a similar fashion. One option is playing an online game with a live dealer, allowing you to enjoy the thrills of feeling a more realistic casino-like environment from the comfort of your own home. The other alternative is going completely virtual with an online casino and opting out of the thrill of a live dealer experience.

Expounding on the experience of a live online casino dealer

The biggest difference between an online casino and a live dealer in an online casino is the aspect of socialization and nullification of random generation through an automated system. There are chats available for players to interact with one another as they play, contrary to an online game with no one to talk to.

The live dealer on-site also uses various methods found in an actual casino like roulette wheels, cards, and the like. The live dealer interacts with each player concerning their corresponding turn. The indistinguishable factors are automated buttons on the computer screen controlling actions such as betting amounts and other actions available to you. Although many like the setting of an actual live casino, some are unable to attend due to various circumstances, or they just prefer the comfort of their own home. This environment is perfect for times like during the pandemic we are experiencing, where attending a live casino might not be feasible.

However, the disclaimer to live casino gaming is that there are only a handful of options available about games you can play. In actuality, there are several variants of the same games such as Hold’em, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Omaha Hi-Lo. Blackjack and Roulette are among the most popular games played through live dealers due to the sheer simplicity of the game.

Another drawback is that most live dealer games progress relatively slowly. This is because the game may be held up by other players, contrary to the game progressing when you are done with your turn.

Also, another potential strike against live dealer casinos is the physical setting of the game; some will proclaim that there is a lack of excitement due to the particular setting of the game. Therefore, the bright lights, numerous tables and persons in attendance add to the overall effect one experiences when attending a land-based casino.

Finally, the last drawback to live casino dealers is technical issues with the website or your internet connection that may occur during the game. Live dealer casino gaming can be assessed from a tablet, computer or mobile device.

The pros and cons of online casino gaming

Unlike the live dealer experience you could have with a live dealer online casino, there is no player to player interaction. Therefore, you are left in your bubble with the game you choose to play.

A flaw that many see in online casinos is the fact that payout for a particular account can take up to three days maximum for one withdrawal. However, fortunately for you, there are e-wallets available to increase the payout time to a waiting period of one day. These e-wallets available to you include Skrill and Neteller.

The final flaw about online casinos is that scams are preying on your hard-earned cash. Before you deposit money into an online betting account you should thoroughly research the casino in mind.

Enough with the pessimism of online casinos and now we will focus more on the positive aspects of online gambling. For starters, they are known for the rigidity inconvenience; despite the lack of socialization. Nonetheless, one can curl up on the couch and gamble, play a game on a lunch break, or just about anywhere imaginable as long as a stable internet connection is viable.

Loyalty programs are also a major bonus when it comes to online casinos. From the second you sign up and deposit money into an account you typically will get a set amount of points, and those points transcend with accumulation with every game played. Allowing a player to move to bigger rewards and prizes the more they play. Always read the terms and conditions of each site and their loyalty programs before accepting any bonus.

A downfall of on-site live casinos is the lack of cash out options available to you which typically circumvent cash or card deposits. However, with online casinos, there are more options available as far as payment and cash out options. These include cryptocurrency and e-wallet payment options; each with varying waiting times for withdrawals. In addition to the bonuses of more available payments and withdrawal options comes the con of hidden fees. For example, if you are cashing out more than $100 at a time you may be inclined to pay a 1% transaction fee for the withdrawal.

There are typically more gaming options on purely online casinos, allowing you to endow more funds into the games of your choices, that may otherwise not be available in some on-site live casinos near you. These games include but are not limited to Sports Betting, Casino Games, Poker, Bingo, Horse Race Betting, Daily Fantasy Sports.

Finally, the last drawback is the legality of any particular gambling website, as laws vary depending on the location in perspective. Although the majority of the regulation pertains to the online website, some players are turned off by the legality enforced on the online gambling website.

Wrapping up the loose ends

In all reality, there is no right or wrong answer to which is better than the other. This is because it is completely subjective to the person in perspective. Whether you prefer a more realistic approach to online gambling or a more seclusive method, there are options to cater to each type of player. Online casinos provide an avenue for players to discover how many of the games and how they work through personal experience. Every day, real money is made through the casual play of online gambling, your spot is awaiting you at the table; through a live dealer or simply an online game.

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