Everquest II: Rise of Kunark Impressions

As of this writing Sony has just released its 4th retail expansion pack for their popular MMO, Everquest 2. Rise of Kunark adds a new land mass to the already huge world of Norrath, a level increase from 70 to 80, a new Kunarkian Rhinoceros mount, an evil playable dragon-like race named the Sarnak and a ton of other new features.

Seeing as my main character isn’t high enough level to explore the new lands designed for the higher levels, I was left with trying out the new player race. There are quite a few options available for creating a Sarnak character; there are many different styles of horns as well as the direction you want them to face and several styles for your characters scales. I chose to make my guy an assassin seeing as I haven’t tried that class yet.

After a short introduction into the world I am dumped onto a beach with a couple of NPCs, crabs and some bird-like people. From here it is standard MMO quests, fetch this, kill that. Amongst all the typical quests there are some funny quest lines to be found as well as some that will teach you about the lore of the new lands.

These islands are designed to level your character from 1-20. The mainland is geared toward higher level players and getting your characters to the new level cap of 80. All in all, the starting area has a nice look to it and makes it easy to find where you need to go, and the quests are good at directing you to each new area and I never it found it difficult to complete quest.

The starting area in Rise of Kunark is a fine addition to the lands of Norrath. This helps with those of us that like to level up alts. The more starting areas, the more you don’t have to repeat the same quests over and over. Any EQ 2 player will definitely get their moneys worth out of this expansion. If you are new to EQ II this is a good expansion to start with as it contains all prior expansions and adventure pack add ons.


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