Interview: Jake Neri discusses Star Wars Galaxies

[A note from Steven Crews]: Hello, forum-goers from I decided to update this article to note that the situation you guys are arguing about has long since been resolved, and I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill, here.

Staff writer Steven Crews spent some time chatting with Jake Neri, from LucasArts, discussing Star Wars Galaxies‘ history and where it is heading in the future.

The MMO Gamer: First of all, for those of our readers who may be unfamiliar, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in developing Star Wars Galaxies.

Jake Neri: My name is Jake Neri and I am a producer on Star Wars Galaxies for LucasArts. My role is to collaborate with the folks at SOE on making sure SWG is the best possible game it can be.

The MMO Gamer: SWG has been around for quite some time now, being released at the fore of the so-called “second generation” of MMOs. Has that time been kind to the game? Is it where you hoped it would be four years on?

Jake Neri: Time has been kind to SWG. We are going strong in our fourth year of live service, with a dedicated and passionate fan base and a talented dev team motivated to serve our players. In an ever-changing MMO marketplace, this has been no easy feat, but I think our success lies in how the development team has stay active and flexible in responding to community feedback.

The MMO Gamer: What does the future hold? Where do you see things another year down the road?

Jake Neri: The future for Star Wars: Galaxies is very bright. We plan to continue to add content and features to the game through our Chapter Adventures that are part of the players’ regular subscriptions to the game. Chapter 7 is slated for release this fall and players will get to try out all the new content on our test center very soon. Chapter 7 will bring a brand-new Collection System along with several other features, Chapter 8 will bring new space adventures this winter, and 2008 has plenty of content and enhancements as well.

The MMO Gamer: Are there plans at this point for any further expansion packs?

Jake Neri: At this point, we have no plans for a retail expansion. Rather, both LucasArts and SOE made the decision to focus our efforts on the Chapter Adventures, which will deliver high value content to our players while maintaining the flexibility to adjust to what our players ask us for as the game continues.

The MMO Gamer: What about a sequel? EverQuest 2 was announced around this time in EverQuest’s lifecycle.

Jake Neri: There are currently no sequels planned. We remain committed to SWG and feel that there are still plenty of stories to tell in the game.

The MMO Gamer: Every game has its ups and downs, but SWG, in particular, has been through some particularly tough times in its history. What would you say was the toughest of them all, and how did you go about recovering from it?

Jake Neri: When you look at any game in the history of MMOs, they have all had their ups and downs. I think that this is because there is no handbook on how to make these games. Our toughest challenge is adjusting to the changing needs of our players while still maintaining a living, breathing game with a live community filled with people that have all different needs and desires. Overall, we are proud of SWG, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.

The MMO Gamer: The New Game Enhancements were obviously a major milestone—although mostly for the wrong reasons. Mythic opened a “Trials of Atlantis Free” server in Dark Age of Camelot in response to their own player criticisms, have you ever considered opening an “NGE Free” server?

Jake Neri: There are no plans for a pre-NGE server, as SWG is in a great place right now. We have thousands of players returning to the game and having a great time with all the new features and content that we’ve added.

The MMO Gamer: How have the departures of such high-profile figures as Raph Koster, Rich Vogel, and Gordon Walton affected the project?

Jake Neri: Raph and Rich have been gone a long, long time now…long before I even arrived here at LucasArts. Those guys are great game developers and we all wish them luck on their future projects. They made tremendous contributions to SWG in their time, and our current development team led by Lorin Jameson, Thomas Blair, and Tony Tyson are really knocking it out of the park and delivering awesome content to our players.

The MMO Gamer: To older SWG players who may not have been following the recent development of the game, what would you say to convince them to come back and give SWG another try?

Jake Neri: Well, we continue to improve the game every day, and it’s all based on a deep Star Wars experience that allows you to fight, socialize, role-play, adventure, explore, etc. Whatever you want to do in-game, you can find it in SWG. Our community is strong and passionate and I would encourage folks to find their old friends online and come back to experience all the new content we’ve added in the past two years. All the professions have been enhanced, new challenges have been added, and new systems (like Beast Master) have been implemented. There are countless new, exciting things to find in-game, and more coming in the future.

The MMO Gamer: Was there anything we didn’t cover in this interview you’d like to tell our readers?

Jake Neri: Actually yes. We just released a digital download version of our compilation pack, Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures through For players eager to come back to SWG, or to try it out for the first time, this download makes it easier than ever. The download includes the base game, all the expansion packs, a ton of bonus content, and even an exclusive in-game item, all for $19.99.

We’d like to thank Jake for taking the time to chat to us. You can find out more about Star Wars Galaxies at their official site.


  1. wildcat84 says:

    Saying there won’t be a sequel or expansion is only acknowledging the reality that both would be certain financial failures given the disastrous relations between the hundred thousand+ who quit because of the NGE and lack of SWG classic (and the horrific way we were treated).

    Nancy McIntyre (of “too much reading” infamy) stated back in 2005 that a sequel would be in the 2008-9 timeframe, so clearly this project has been scrapped. If it ever existed to begin with.

    Of course, LEC could claim that they plan to “upgrade” the existing SWG instead of do a sequel (which is how it will be spun). Well, the SOE lead producer recently stated that there would NOT be a engine upgrade for SWG, so that isn’t going to happen.

    About all the shrunken down, mostly very young and inexperienced SWG Dev team (all the veteran Devs long ago quit or were moved to other projects) have achieved since the NGE is rehash in a not very effective way, some dumbed down version of pre-NGE content.

    They’ve not added anything new to the game, well, since ever. “Beast Master” was nothing but creature handler watered down. The GCW system? The old Jedi FRS watered down. Expertise? WoW talent trees, even less interesting, and a joke compared to the old skill system. The new content in CH7… consists of Pre-NGE force sensitive quest content rehashed and tossed back into the game, and EQ2 collections.

    All the while, the UI is still broken, combat is a boring mess, mobs STILL shoot through walls, and the Jedi profession, once an actual accomplishment is handed out like free cheese.

    Sorry Jake, I’ve played your NGE’ed game. You can take the next 1 month, 1 year, next 10 years, and you won’t be able to get us back. The only chance you have to heal your reputations AND get some of us back is classic servers.

    Which btw, we will be getting within the next year with or without you, thanks to the multiple emu teams working diligently. The community was abandoned by you, and frankly, once we get our game back, we’ll be better off WITHOUT you.

  2. Sickboy_ukuk says:

    Thousands of players returning? then why are there posts on the offical forums asking for a server merge or free server transfer for toons? Not to mention that the game still has major problems with it’s core gameplay, like targeting being a mess and specials not firing when there supposed to. and for two years there is still no way to level your character to 90 with quests, witch was one of the major changes with the NGE. All the “new” content added over the past two years is nothing but rehashed stuff they took out. This game is far from OK.

  3. maybe he should have asked about the bait and switch tactics used to sell the
    trials of obi wan expansion. or about how the new game “enhancements” are textbook in how to destroy a playerbase.

  4. pre-cu ftw.

  5. zaykodroid says:

    SWG-NGE is the WORST game I’ve ever played.

    NEVER, i mean NEVER play or pay anything to this, just go to a park and feed birds, that will be more fun.

    We are waiting from Lucasarts a KOTOR MMORPG. That would be rock. Thousands of people Demanding it, right now, just check the internet and mmo forums, you will see.

  6. Kylrathin says:

    There hasn’t been a PR spin this backward since Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf was at his previous job before becoming a television correspondent. Saying things like “There are no plans for a pre-NGE server, as SWG is in a great place right now” only proves you have not listened to your playerbase, and you are still chasing the mythical land of WoW subscriptions. The damage has been done, but here’s what’s so hard to understand – you could have staunched the bleeding by opening a pre-CU server or six. Your reasoning is disingenuous and all the facts prove it a total falsehood. So what’s the REAL reason? Do you not like money? Do you not like positive PR? Do you not like happy customers? SWG is NOT in a great place right now, as subscription numbers and constant bad press indicate.

  7. wildcat84 says:

    As I said, the SWG player community will be better off with the game in our OWN hands as it soon will be than we ever were with LucasArts or SOEs gross incompetence, mismanagement, and continual revamping of the game from chess into checkers.

    This is why in many ways I hope they DONT open classic servers, if they did so now they would do harm to the emu project.

    I have not bought a single thing from LEC since the NGE. And I wont ever again.

  8. Nothing worse than when a interviewer does not question obvious lies. When the interviewee says that subscriptions are doing well everyone and their grandma knows that is a blatant lie. I have an active account, the servers are flat out devoid of players. The only people are a few kids trying out their Jedi lightswords running around the cities.

    The city where I lived has dissolved and I have not seen anyone near my house in the last 5 months.

    Nothing wrong with being positive, but telling out right lies is just unforgivable. The game is in serious trouble and it is not getting any better. Removing skills and putting in ridgid class lines just killed the game for me.

    This guy is a very poor spin doctor, if you can’t admit you made a mistake you have serious issues.

  9. theslider says:

    Nice article, it’s too bad Jake Neri knows nothing about the game and even less about $OE and it’s criminal business practices.

    I see you asked him about expansions, but I don’t see where you asked him about the blatantly illegal bait-and-switch tactic they used in selling the ToOW (Trials of Obi-Wan) expansion.

    I also didn’t see where you asked him about the threats of class-action lawsuits that followed or why they didn’t refund those customers who had prepaid before the NGE.

    I can see that LucasArts is not only clueless about the state of it’s own intellictual property, but it’s also clueless about $OE being untalented developers who resort to unethical business practices to increase their bottom line.

    What you REALLY should have asked him is exacly how many people are paying to play SWG, and not padded with Station account sub numbers.

  10. I would ask that Jake should jump on Testserver and see just how many folks are still logging into SWG. Most of the live servers are dead because of folks trying out the new Chapter. Most if not all of the community can be found in Aurillia on TCPrime because of the frogs and the ability to level 90 and get weapons. He could walk around and count the folks on Dathomir and get an idea of how many Thousands are returning. This is nothing but a Fluff piece. How clueless is Jake Neri? If he believes his game is so strong, why not add a Classic Server and see how many stay on the NGE servers?


  11. Wow, I didn’t realise quite how emotive NGE still was, two years after its release. I wonder if SWG really is in as bad a state as the comments here imply, or whether this is the vocal minority in action and that Jake’s responses are accurate. I suspect the truth lies somewhere inbetween.

    In regards to the comment about questioning ‘obvious lies’ the interview was conducted by email.

    Oh, in response to comments about ‘blatantly illegal bait-and-switch tactic’ and ‘threats of class-action lawsuits’ etc, if I recall correctly there was never any evidence that there was anything to those threats other then hot air, as there wasn’t anything illegal to SOE’s actions. If there were, I think it’s safe to assume that someone for SWG’s playerbase would have brought a case against them.

  12. I’m actually disgusted by this blatant spin. I expect some spin from a Producer, but not the “Baghdad Bob” kind.

    Let’s be absolutly clear here:

    1) Even without the Star Wars IP the Pre-CU version of this game would still be going.

    2) Without the Star Wars IP, the NGE would go from sad to dead.

  13. Apache99 says:

    What a joke of an interview. SWG is nowhere near ok and there definately is not thousands of new people joining the game everyday. This guy isnt even trying to spin the facts. He is out right lying.

    To Andrew Knight: If you didnt know how emotive NGE is even after 2 years, then you havn been in hibernation for two years. Its a well known fact throughout the gaming communities. And as far as illegal actions by SoE/LA. Even the BBB jumped in and forced SoE/LA to offer refunds for thier ToOW expansion because of thier blatant bait and switch tactics they used with it. But the one thing that saves them is…..Gaming expierence my change. Wich is in the EULA. Saves thier butt every time, and allows them to make sudden sweeping changes on thier player base on a whim.

    Oh and btw.. SoE called us ‘The Vocal Minority’ too. Us ‘Vocal Minority’ turned out to be about 75% of thier player base.

    You really want to know about SoE/LA reputation? Log into any MMO. Dont matter wich. Any will do. Go to a populated area and mention SWG in General chat and see what happens. You will notice that the ‘Vocal Minority’ is everywhere. And maybe we are not such a ‘Monority’ after all.

  14. Well, I am one of those returning players, and I have to say that I really like what I am finding now in the game. I am from Europe, using the european servers, and they are far from dead. In fact, I notice a steady influx of new players here. Funny enough, most new players I meet on the servers say that they left WoW and really enjoy what SWG has to offer.

    Yes, the interview may be marketing blurb, but apart from the number of grumpy old veterans who don’t like SWG as it is now, there are quite some happy new players (and returning oldtimers like me) who enjoy playing the game.

    • TaiLin says:

      I cannot say what it is like in Europe server but the rest of the swg world is dead…
      and sorry but anyone who likes the new game never played the real cannot compare..enjoy while you can because it will be dead and gone soon.

  15. Andrew,

    Usually you would be right regarding the somewhere in the middle lays the truth remark. If this Jake Neri position is a 1 and the most rabid SOE hater is a 10, then the truth in this case is a 7.

    SOE has done some incredibly underhanded stuff to its player base. They are essentially down to the last subscribers that would allow them to do anything they want to the game. These are very casual gamers who don’t really hold Star Wars mythos in high regard. What the current player base is into is instant gratification and gear that is given away without community involvement.

    The old subscribers enjoyed the intricacies of community involvement and this new system simply doesn’t provide what we previously enjoyed. As an instance, rangers had to track creatures, scouts collected the hides/meats/bones, provided them to weaponsmiths/doctors/armorsmiths and ultimately sold them back to the scouts and fighting classes. Those fighting classes had to visit doctors and entertainers to shrug off battle fatigue and wounds. It was a game of interdependence.

    I encourage you to download the free trail, Andrew, and judge for yourself. Without a Star Wars skin and the casual references the game makes to the lore, it would have nothing to offer. The systems have lots of baggage left over from previous versions of the game, the graphics will give you seizures, and the total lack of polish will leave you wondering why anyone actually pays a fee per month to play. SWG does not stand on its own. Instead, it leans totally on Star Wars to keep it going. It is not a fun game, and is definitely not worth a monthly fee.

  16. I should also mention that with wild claims like “the game is growing” as made by Jake, a journalist is allowed to say “prove it”. We, the vet community, cannot believe the game is growing. We get invited back every couple of months and our empty friend’s lists and the two or three concentrations of players in the game does not even come close to the previous game’s populations.

    With the FACT that there are no expansions planned and the obviously downsized dev team, there is NO F**KING way this game is growing or healthy.

    Show us Jake Neri! Prove us wrong, that this game is growing and strong. You won’t because it simply is not true. You do not do your company or SOE any favors by blatantly lying about the health of the game. You just perpetuate your bad image and continue to spread the mistrust. When you folks finally come clean and find the truth, then and only then will we trust you and give you any money. Since you all seem so hell bent on lying, we will continue to counter you no matter where you go.

  17. I Do Believe That If SOE Does Not Come Out With A Pre-CU And Or Post-CU Server The Game Will Fail. While I Have Not Read About Any Scams Or Anything, I Am A Verteran Whi SOE Pissed Off With The NGE. I Started August 20 2003.

    I Have Tried Playing The NGE But Its Just Not The Same, Just As Many, Many Other Veterans Have. In “OUR” SWG There Were People Just About No Matter Where You Went. There Were Lots And Lots Of Entertaiers Making Credits From Buffs And Healing. Doctors Making Good Buff Kits And Charging A Fortune. Groups, Guild, Just Everything You Needed To Make The Game Fun Was “People” To Enjoy It With.

    But Then SOE Came Out With The CU, Where You Were Able To Tell How Many People Just Left From That Alone. It Was Still A Pretty Fun Game After The CU. Still Alot Of People Dantooine Becoming The Main Point To Get A Group.

    But Then When The NGE Hit The Game Began To Die. No More People Looking For Groups On Dantooine. Not Hundreds Of People Sitting Around On Naboo, Tat, Dant, Cor, ETC.
    The Classes Were All Killed And Remade. No More Cross-Classing, No More “SWG”
    What All NEw Player Consider SWG Is Not IMO. I Personaly Am Waiting For The SWG
    EMU Project To Get Done To Go Back (And Start All Over Again Damnit)And Rediscover SWG As It Was.

    Thanks For Reading – The Dark Half

  18. I got the chance to play swg for about 6 weeks before the NGE, i loved the game up to that point, i played for 1 week afterward and deleted it from my computer. funny most of my clan followed me back to WOW and other games, i dont even bother with any of “come try us again for free” stuff from soe, they blew their chance.

  19. mindspat says:

    What get’s me about all this is how forgiving, or forgetful, the masses become about SOE’s and LA’s deceptive attempts to cash in on fans of a genre and to even go as far as comitting Wirefraud.

    Star Wars Galaxies is dead. There’s plenty free trials availble and one only needs to login to experiance how poor the game is.

    Due to their attempts at wirefraud I no longer purchase anything with an SOE or LA affiliated lable on it. Brand recognition is a double edged sword.

    To the “writter”: [Edited for foul language]

  20. EviLNygma says:

    As a UK resident I found myself rather honoured to be chosen to take place in the Beta of SWG back in 2003… The community within the game even during the beta was astounding and I relished the thought of its gold release..

    Unfortunately even at release $OE showed their desire for profit rather than quality. Everyone in the beta knew the game was nowhere near ready for release at the end of June 2003.

    The database used for containing character and structure inventory was so bugged things would vanish for no reason (although SOE blamed this on structures built on zone boundaries). The game although desirable was not ready. SONY was not ready. But they released the game anyway. Players had to suffer daily restarts. Hours of server downtime. Unfinished professions and biggest of all. One of the reasons 75% of players picked up the box in the store JEDI were not available until 5 months after the games release.

    I played the game faithfully as many people did. At one point I had 4 accounts (yes one with a Jedi.. or now known as “Elder Jedi”). I played many of the 30+ professions and even wrote tutorials. The game flourished even more with the release of JTL which was probably the pinnacle of the game. It was relatively bug free and players were allowed to beta it…making it better tested.

    Since JTL.. constant nerfs were endured on every class but Jedi. Jedi was the baby of the license. Jedi could do no wrong and it made them the alpha class. PvP and PvE was dominated by Jedi. Maybe a wrong thing… Maybe not depending on your view. After the changes in publish 10 introducing the village I would say yes they were too numerous and powerful. Before publish 10 no… they were still rare and rightly deserved the strength for the effort made.

    I may be “flamed” here. I’m not saying the unlock of the Jedi was difficult. It was a grind nothing more. But to level a Jedi to it its full potential pre publish 10 was a difficult feat.

    We all endured the “Combat Upgrade” or CU. It was a refreshing change. It still kept the same element of combat. Some didnt like it but a lot did and the servers were still busy. Especially the Jedi community. At that time the grouping for pvp and pve was probably the highest ever seen. 6 or 7 Jedi levelling together. See an incoming dot on the radar and the shouts of “INCOMING BH” went up….

    Then the dark times…

    The NGE..

    I have played many many MMOs in the last 6 years starting with Dark Age of Camelot. DAOC and SWG have always been my “go to” games. I have kept them active although rarely played (just 1 account on each now) just so that when I had tried something new and found it lacking I had somewhere familiar and comfortabel to go.

    SWG has turned into a stone in my shoe. I know its there. I want to investigate and find out whats poking my foot. But its annoying as hell.

    I have cancelled my last remaining SWG account.. the Jedi account… the one account I always said I’d like to keep going. One of the longest running accounts on the Chilastra server has been cancelled to never return. My guild is still active slightly. All the names have gone and moved on. I was tempted to delete my characters to prevent my resubscription but the desire to play again has left me.

    Our city Fire Haven is a shell of its former self (Fire Haven on Chilastra was the official picture used for the City Pack Up). The guild is a shell. The server has tumbleweeds blowing down all the cities and starports. You could probably merge every server into one and still be able to run it on its current hardware.

    Its that quiet.

    For those that have stayed in the game I wish you luck and good fortune.

    T’jak Erattic – signing off..

  21. DaedalusV says:

    Not alot of new stuff revealed in this interview, official statements from the makers of the game are still completely unfounded in real life.Pre-CU SWG was not only a great mmo, it was a refreshingly new take on how you interact with eachother when playing. after the CU/NGE there has been no real difference in how the different MMOs work. They all focus on the same simplistic view of a persistent world. Their complete focus on combat and insisting grinding=content is just not what I want in a MMO.

  22. There’s really not much to say because everything i could have thought of has been said. Yes, the NGE killed the game and the MAJORITY not the minority, agree. No SWG does not have new players coming into the game everyday and the public will continue to think that unless there is proof to SWG’s “growth”. It’s going to be a good day when SWGEmu is done I might add. I haven’t played any of the other emulators, but SWGEmu is getting much closer to being completed. A release date is becoming fathomable, which to us veterans is incredible. I’d save my chops when it comes to thrashing SOE/LA because “the universe tends to unfold as it should” (harold and kumar go to whitecastle reference)

  23. You must be the most stupid! dev team in the entire world! All them hours of debugging a GREAT! and VARIED! selection of professions, to then completely remove them for just a handful of, predictable and boring choices, has to be the worst idea in history! Most company add content, not remove most of it, and then leave you with a LINEAR!, BORING! excuse for an MMO. Even after all the thousands of complaints, for the releasing of the detested, slow and clumsey ‘cough’ combat upgrade, you still go ahead with this NGE?
    You waste the time, and effort, put into the game by the players, who ultimately paid for this overhaul. without any warning, And then think we might return?

    You say that you took players ideas into consideration? so what you are saying is… that the player base gave you the idea to remove everything that was ever good about the game, then leave us with an attempt at a WoW clone? that has to be the worst insult Ive heard! don’t try and blame us for your greedy mistakes, you wanted a peice of the WoW pie, and now your stuck with a hollow shell of a once good game. You we’re to stupid to release, that it is just advertised, and most game shops sell game time cards, which makes the game ALOT more easier to access.

    This is dying fast and you deserve all you get to be honest. you won’t create a classic server, even though most are deserted now. After ALL these complaints, cancellations, and request for this server you still don’t. What planet are you from? Do you people actually live on earth?
    Proud of this you say? What could you possibly be proud of with SWG now?
    Maybe your proud of losing, 200.000 subscribers within 2 years, turning a once thriving game into a waste land. Making the once respected, Jedi the most common, hated, and feeble profession in the game. and reducing the IQ needed to play this to the minus!
    If I could swear on this I would have been,,, ALOT!

    I would like to say, thank you for wasting three years of my life, £800 of my money, and then not even say sorry! you a pathetic excuse for a company!

    P.S can’t wait for Starwars the old republic to be released, and put six foot under, where you belong!

    • rjthedeadjedi says:

      Jake, denial is a dangerous thing. Everyone in the MMO world knows what an absolute failure the NGE was and IS. There are no "carrots" you can put in the game to keep anyone on the grind fest for nice "bobbles". Shut the doors and save energy by shutting the remaining servers down. The bioware version of the game is going to be another huge failure due to its NGEish linear game play style. Its going to be nothing but ROTW in a bigger format. Lucas Arts needs to keep their hand out of their own game. They have never produced a successful PC game in their history and when they interfered with SOE with the NGE they proved it again. There are more people playing the EMU SWG server than I had seen in 3 years of the NGE. And their first non test center server is comming online early next year. Lets face it, your game sucked at the beginning, customer relations with soe sucks, and the game sucks now. Yes, denial is a very dangerous thing.

  24. Hubergrove says:

    Jake Neri is now LA Producer working with EA Bioware on The Old Republic.

    This does not bode well…

    • rjthedeadjedi says:

      For players eager to come back to SWG, or to try it …..funniest line in the interview……rofl then cry

  25. Let us all hope that the Sith known as Jake Neri is slaughtered in the near future before he can "Sony Empire" the next best hope at a true Star Wars MMOPRG

  26. SwG maniac says:

    I came in after as you vets would call pre nge or something of that nature but this was almost 2 years ago and i loved the game i played on the server bria and the game was so addicting but the way the vets described the game before it was so called fuc*e* up and i nearly fainted it sounded splendid but the game was still livley then i just miss swg and how it use to be but i am not playing it anymore until they fix it im a loyal fan but i still will not play WoW swg will be back to its original glory my friends have hope

  27. Malica says:

    5 years later and I still mourn for Pre-NGE SWG. I've been playing WoW for 3 years now, and it doesn't even come close. I *play* WoW, but I *lived* in SWG. Shame, really.

  28. If I knew what Sony did with Ever Quest in the past when it came out, I won't even try SWG. Based on what other EQ1 players told me, SONY did the same to them. There has been no changes, but just modifications of the old stuff in SWG. May be the old programmers were so mad at the game they messed it up on purpose. I don't blame them, they have to do what they are told or get fired. I think some got fired after refusing to mess the game the way it is now. They try to get people back by adding a card game. Most of the nice loots are attach to the card packages which you have to pay if you want to get the Darth Maul speeder for example. No changes, just modifications of other things we used to have in the past. If you want some of the good loots then you have to PVP, and for that you have to waste a lot of time in missions to get buffs. Hopefully you can get in a group of friends to get those buffs and items. Solo play is almost impossible. It is a buff war most likely.

    Whatever numbers you see in your armor or qualities are fake. it just numbers. Some low level NPC's are hard to kill even with the best weapons. The damage values are wrong. They still fixing some of the bugs we had around the second year the game came out. Most people don't even bother to go to space no more, so good luck trying to get the hard mission so you can be a master pilot. Most people used to read my profile and don't even know how the game was in the past or why I'm an elder Jedi. Some don't even know what a Master Pikeman, Rifleman or Scout was. They were suppose to add more planets to add more content and more things in Space. Right now what you are going to find is a very slow leveling, and I will dare to say slower than WOW, with few broken missions, broken buffs, more broken promises and a card game to get more money out of you.

    I can see them trying to do some fixes after KOTOR online come out, but I don't see them to be permanent. I think the coding in SWG is so messy, the Devs don't know what to do. All these new producers talk like politicians. They generalized their explanations but they are no saying anything new or don't give any important information. All the answers sound like the same answers other producers said in the past. May be they all go to the University were they learn what to say to the media and fans but you are not really saying anything.

    is kind of sad. It was a good game but wrong company. I even enjoy been a Taylor but they never add any new clothing, armor, weapons or space ships for people to make. There are some colors added to the pallet for armor and clothing. Some new weapons and armor but you have to loot them in missions if you manage to get in a group o get some help. Most people are just standing around and some other places look like the test center server. They haven't learn the lesson yet. They even trying to enforce the PVP even in the cities thinking that will save the game. if you never play it before you may find it interesting because you didn't know how it was in the past. For you guys out there who wonder about me, I was playing the game when people were still trying to master their professions. There was no speeders, no spaceships, T21 rifle was the weapon of choice with few accuracy problems because it could by pass armor protection, master rifleman was able to kill from far away, 3 Master Pikemen with a good doctor can make it through the Tusken caves, Bounty Hunters I hate them during that time, fighting animations were more and better. Melee sounds were better and nobody knew how to become a Jedi until one guy got his unlock.

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